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Unbundled Legal Services: A More Affordable Option For Legal Services

There’s no denying the reality that hiring an attorney is a major expense – and one that not everybody can afford. However, when you’re facing legal issues, it’s daunting to go it alone. You may still benefit enormously from more limited legal guidance instead of full-blown representation. Unbundled legal services are a way to obtain that guidance without breaking the bank.

As something like an a la carte approach to legal practice, unbundled services give you the ability to pick and choose what you need help with. You don’t have to put a lawyer on retainer or fork out vast sums of money to have them at your beck and call. With unbundled services, you get to choose the level of service that makes sense for you.

Facing A Legal Issue That I Can Address?

At Scholl Law Firm, PLLC, I provide unbundled services for people needing help with just a few aspects of their case. I’m Scott Scholl, an Arkansas attorney in the Little Rock area. I draw on more than two decades of legal experience to provide skilled and knowledgeable guidance on issues such as:

  • Divorce cases: Not every divorce requires full-scope representation. In relatively straightforward, uncontested cases, I can help with individual components of the case such as the documentation and drafting of filings and agreements. I can also provide guidance on discrete aspects of divorce like custody and division of property. I also provide a “cheat sheet” with tips for the rest of the process so you know what to expect when appearing before a judge.
  • Military law issues: As a veteran myself, I frequently work with military clients, answering questions and providing guidance on various aspects of military law. I offer discounted rates for servicemembers.
  • Estate planning: In addition to providing comprehensive estate planning services, I offer more limited help with updating existing estate plans.
  • Appeals: I handle civil and criminal appeals of all kinds. I offer consultations to provide guidance on potential grounds for appeal as well as what to expect in the appeals process.

While my scope of representation is more limited with unbundled services, you can still expect the same high caliber of reliable guidance and top-notch service.

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