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Appeals Attorney In Little Rock, Arkansas

As many people have come to find out, our legal system is far from perfect. Even the best judges and juries in Arkansas make decisions that clients believe are not correct or fair. For this reason, the state has a Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court ready to review disputed courtroom decisions and hear valid appeals.

For over two decades I’ve helped many clients across the state of Arkansas pursue justice in the belief that a judge or jury rendered an incorrect decision or verdict for their case. I believe that anyone who feels wrongly convicted has the right to have their appeal case heard, and I work hard to ensure my clients have every possible chance at a successful appeal.

I am attorney Scott Scholl. I handle criminal law appeals (unfair convictions or sentences) as well as civil law and family law appeals (flawed judicial decisions or jury verdicts).

Filing An Appeal

Over the years my firm has worked tirelessly to defend the rights of my clients who decided to file an appeal following a court decision or ruling that was not in their favor. Appeals are technical matters that often come with complex rules and procedures that make it difficult to win a new trial. The process can quickly become very complicated as large collections of evidence and other case documentation are examined for review.

Do You Have A Case To Appeal?

The appeals process also has its own set of rules, and attorneys must have special legal skills to use during this process. Quite frankly, even the best judges don’t rule accurately in every case, and mistakes can be made with alarming regularity. Luckily, the appellate process offers clients an opportunity to have their cases reviewed by a higher court.

The decision to file an appeal will often vary from case to case, but typically the grounds for an appeal include a belief that a judge was biased, evidence was improperly considered, or applicable laws were misapplied, leading to an incorrect decision or outcome.

A case that goes through this process will usually result in one of the following outcomes:

  • Affirmed – The higher court agrees with the previous lower court’s decision.
  • Reversed – The higher court disagrees with the earlier decision and decides to overturn it.
  • Remanded – The higher court sends the case back down to the lower court for review and possible modification.

While the outcome will depend on a variety of different factors, I’ll do everything I can to exhaust every possible avenue that can lead to a positive decision in your case.

Fighting For Your Rights

During my two decades of work as an Arkansas appeals attorney, I’ve served clients from all over the state in their pursuit of justice. With law offices in Little Rock, Arkansas, I welcome the opportunity and the challenge to take on virtually any legal appeal with a determined spirit and relentless work ethic. My extensive knowledge and courtroom experience have provided me with the skills needed to give my clients the best possible chance of winning an appeal.

So if you or someone you know is considering a legal appeal for their case, don’t face this challenge alone. Contact the Scholl Law Firm, PLLC, and schedule your own personal case consultation today. Together, we can outline a strong legal strategy for your unique circumstances and pursue justice at the highest level. Call 501-588-1148 or contact me online.