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Military Family Law Attorney In Little Rock, Arkansas

Serving Arkansas Military Families In Faulkner County

By nature, family law matters have a high degree of complexity. When those matters are compounded by military issues, having the right representation is a necessity. Scholl Law Firm, PLLC, is a top-rated family law firm serving the military community of Little Rock, Arkansas. We are genuinely concerned about our clients and work diligently to bring swift, fair resolution in each case.

Helping Servicemembers Navigate Divorce

You may file for divorce based upon you and your spouse being separated for more than eighteen months or based upon one of the fault grounds outlined in Title 9 of the Arkansas Code (Chapters 12-301). To initiate a divorce in Arkansas, you or your spouse must either reside or be stationed in Arkansas. Our firm has the experience to represent either side of the divorce action in court.

We understand the unique issues military personnel often deal with including overseas deployment, military benefits, and retirement compensation and privileges. If you have been notified of your spouse’s intent to divorce, and you are on an overseas deployment, we know how to keep your rights intact while you are away and when you come home.

Advocacy For Child Custody And Child Support Matters

Divorce often rocks the foundation of a family, but the right military law attorney can help minimize the impact. As a cherished member of the Armed Forces, your military career cannot be held against you in regard to child custody or visitation. We are ready to engage in a discussion on how to protect your rights.

Additionally, we can address any child support concerns you may have. Arkansas child support guidelines determine the amount of support and consider the number of children and resources of the parent who is obligated to pay support. If you are seeking support or have questions about paying support, we can help.

Military Spousal Support And Division Of Property

We understand the laws that may affect your rights in a family law proceeding, such as the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act (USFSPA). We provide comprehensive advocacy to protect your best interests in regards to:

  • Division Of Military Retirement – Spouses must be married at least ten years to receive military retirement benefits. Non-vested benefits are not considered marital property and are not subject to division.
  • Property Division – We can help differentiate between marital and non-marital property and work towards a fair outcome.
  • Spousal Support – This is awarded on a case-by-case basis or through a prior marital agreement. It is not guaranteed as part of a divorce and may be temporary or permanent in nature.

Arkansas is an equitable division state. This means that property is distributed based on fairness, and many factors are reviewed to determine an equitable distribution. We will discuss your goals and create a plan for securing the best outcome possible.

Strong Representation In Military Domestic Violence Cases

A swift response is often essential in domestic violence cases. Whether you have suffered at the hands of an abuser or are being accused of domestic violence, we are able to assess your circumstances quickly and provide emergent solutions. We can establish protective orders as well as defend against charges stemming from a protective order violation such as an Article 15 or court-martial.

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