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Retreating from a worthy fight is never an option. At Scholl Law Firm, PLLC, we are resolute in our mission to defend the rights of men and women facing administrative actions who serve in the United States Armed Forces. If you are facing a court-martial or must appear before an Administrative Discharge Board, we can provide aggressive representation to secure the best outcome.

When your career and honor are at stake, having access to proven, experienced military defense strategies is essential. Attorney Scott A Scholl is a proud veteran possessing the knowledge, tenacity and dedication to handle your adverse military action proceeding successfully.

Respected North Little Rock Court-Martial Attorney

Scholl Law Firm, PLLC, believes in educating our clients about the challenges ahead. A court-martial proceeding can be compared to a civilian criminal trial. Charges may be brought against soldiers for a number of alleged crimes and are usually investigated by the person’s commanding officer, initially.

The first step in a court-martial is called preferring the charges. This means that the charges will be read to the soldier. He or she must sign the charging document under oath and in the presence of a commissioned officer. Depending on the rank of the accused and the alleged charges, the soldier may face one of three types:

  • Summary Court-Martial
  • Special Court-Martial
  • General Court-Martial

Charges may stand, be reduced and possibly handled through an Article 15, or dismissed altogether. Our firm has great success in handling all types of court-martial hearings, and when necessary, we represent our clients in the appeal process. You need a strong advocate from day one. Attorney Scott A. Scholl is ready to help you preserve your dignity in the midst of serious allegations. He has successfully represented military and civilian clients at home and abroad.

Navigating the Administrative Discharge Board

Being served with discharge papers can be overwhelmingly unsettling. We understand the implications of what you are facing and can provide top-rated representation to help you through the proceedings. The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) governs the way servicemembers are addressed in adverse military actions. Grounds for discharge range from misconduct to a failure to achieve and maintain military standards. No matter what initiated the reason for discharge, you have the right to representation in a due process hearing. Should the decision for discharge be approved, the next concern is the characterization of the discharge:

  • Honorable
  • General Under Honorable Conditions
  • Under Other than Honorable Conditions

Each characterization of discharge can have a profound impact on your future. We will work diligently to secure the best possible discharge status on your behalf. We will fight to protect the dreams and vision you have for yourself and your family. Do not walk this road without a proven, battle-tested military defense team.

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