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Securing A Fair Outcome In Spousal Support

There are many misconceptions surrounding divorce. One of the more common ones includes the assumption that Arkansas courts commonly award spousal support. Earning alimony is difficult, but not impossible, and it is important to have an attorney who prepares you for anything in your divorce planning.

My name is Scott Scholl, and I am a family law attorney who helps clients across Faulkner County with their divorce needs. At my law office, the Scholl Law Firm, PLLC, I can help you try to secure a swift, efficient resolution to your divorce that reflects your best interests.

What You Should Know About Alimony

Securing the outcome you deserve in your family law issues can be complicated. Multiple types of alimony may come into play in your divorce. Each type has a different kind of impact on both parties, and it is important to know the differences. The types of alimony are as follows:

  • Permanent: This type of alimony is awarded until the ex-spouse remarries or dies. It is typically reserved for long-term marriages in which the recipient spouse lacks the capacity to earn a comparable living.
  • Temporary or rehabilitative: This type of alimony only lasts for a limited time, typically until the time that the court predicts the recipient should be able to provide for themselves.

The amount and duration of spousal support — or whether it is awarded at all — depends on the length of the marriage, the income levels of each spouse, their age and health, earning capacity and other factors. I work tirelessly to ensure that your alimony is based only on the relevant and accurate factors in your marriage.

I have represented couples of all ages and all walks of life in divorce and alimony proceedings, including many military personnel from Little Rock AFB.

Do Not Take Chances In Your Divorce

Whether you are trying to secure the alimony you need or ensure that the alimony you pay is fair, do not try to resolve things on your own. Contact one of my offices, in Little Rock, to schedule your initial consultation today. Call 501-588-1148 or email me here and take the first step in protecting your best interests in your divorce.