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Challenging A Court’s Decision In Family Law And Civil Appeals

If your civil litigation or family law legal matter did not have the result you were looking for, there may still be options available to you to protect your best interests. Filing an appeal will challenge the results of your legal matter and give you a second chance to secure the outcome you need. While everyone has the right to an appeal, it is a technically complex legal matter that should be handled by an experienced appellate lawyer.

I am Arkansas attorney Scott Scholl, and I have been helping people through their complicated legal matters for more than 20 years. I am proud to offer my clients in Little Rock and statewide reliable and honest guidance through their family law and civil appeals from my Scholl Law Firm, PLLC, offices.

What You Should Know About Appeals

Before you file for an appeal, you should be sure that you understand what it is that you are considering. An appeal is not a “redo” of your initial case, and it does not guarantee a second trial. An appeal is a review of the legal proceedings in your case to determine if someone made any serious mistakes during the process. The mistake must be consequential; a “fatal” error that changed the outcome or denied you justice.

These mistakes are the grounds that you will need to begin an appeal, and they are why you will need more than just dissatisfaction with the outcome of a legal matter to file for an appeal. Examples of grounds for an appeal include:

  • Misapplied law on the part of the judge
  • Exclusion of critical evidence or testimony
  • Improperly allowing evidence or testimony
  • Inconsistency between the ruling and the presented evidence
  • A ruling that wildly deviates from legal precedent

Family law appeals may arise from any contested matters, such as asset division, business valuations, determination of alimony or child support, decisions on primary or sole custody, petitions for parent relocation or parental rights terminations. Do you feel the judge erred in determining the “best interests of the child”? Do you believe you would have prevailed if your trial was fair?

Civil appeals may arise from business disputes, real estate transactions, landlord-tenant disputes, personal injury claims and insurance coverage disputes, or any civil matter that was decided by a judge or jury.

No matter what kind of grievance you have with the outcome, come see me for a fair and honest review of your situation. You can trust that I will give you a clear assessment of your situation and the likelihood of your case securing an appeal.

Explore Your Possible Appeal

If you have suffered tangible harm, like economic losses or diminished parental rights, and believe that the outcome would have been different if not for a legal error(s), you may have grounds for an appeal. When you need help challenging the outcome of your legal matters, contact my office in Little Rock. I offer free initial consultations to my clients, making your first visit risk-free. Call me at 501-588-1148 or email me here to schedule your free first appointment today.