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Family law is a set of rules and regulations issued by individual states and the federal government that applies to a family unit. The family unit may be just two individuals or an entire related family that includes children. Whenever minor children are involved in family law matters, the law attempts to provide for the best interests of the children.

I am Arkansas attorney Scott A. Scholl, and I have helped numerous clients get through their emotionally distressing times of trouble as well as better times. The Scholl Law Firm, PLLC serves Little Rock and surrounding communities.

Helping Families Work Through Tough Times

Whether your case involves a simple, amicable divorce or highly complex matters that involve children, property or debts, having the guidance of an experienced family law attorney can help you get past the struggle and move forward comfortably. A happy family is still possible, no matter what circumstances life throws at you.

I work with individuals from all walks of life who are struggling with a variety of family-related issues, including:

Families encounter many situations that require legal assistance, including common problems that can occur during the ending of marriages or partnerships. The care of minor children is important to not only the family but society as well. Rules governing child support, custody and visitation encourage the continuation of strong family ties with both parents even after a breakup.

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Help For Military Divorces

With my background of military service, I am familiar with the complexities of military life that affect service members who are based in Arkansas. I also have extensive experience with military law, including where it intersects with civilian law such as in military divorce and custody disputes. I can help military personnel and their spouses protect their best interests while adapting to the unique difficulties that can come up in these matters. I am proud to serve the personnel of the Little Rock Air Force Base and the rest of the brave service members throughout the U.S. armed forces.

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