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3 reasons to abandon social media in a custody battle

On Behalf of | May 6, 2024 | Child Custody & Support |

When you’re upset, angry and hurting, it may seem only natural to vent on your social media pages to your friends. After all, social media platforms have become integral to the lives of many people, and they help you connect to some important sources of emotional support.

Just the same, if you’re sliding into a bitter custody battle, it’s probably best to back away from your keyboard for a while. You may even want to close your accounts. At a minimum, lock them down as securely as possible and stop posting for a while. Here’s why:

1. Photos are worth a lot in court

You may not see anything wrong with a photo of you out to dinner with your parents and children – but your spouse may spot that wine glass in front of you and use it as evidence that you drink before driving in a car with the kids or that you’re inclined to drink too heavily in their presence. Your parenting style and values could be under scrutiny.

2. A rant could do a lot of damage to your case

Your behavior and overall demeanor (online and off) can influence the court’s perception of your suitability as a custodial parent. Airing your grievances with your co-parent in an inappropriate manner can undermine your credibility and make you look unstable or even violent. 

Ranting about the court is bad, but ranting about your co-parent and the custody issues is worse since that could be used as a sign that you would be unable to support your child’s ongoing relationship with their other parent.

3. You need to shield your children from public exposure

No child thrives when their lives are in a fishbowl for everyone to see. Your children could be deeply affected by the public airing of family disputes online, especially if the extended family starts to “take sides.” 

If you need to vent about your custody situation, find a trusted friend, talk to a supportive relative or get a therapist. Legal guidance can also help you get through this situation.