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4 things to avoid during a divorce

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Divorce & Family Law |

Divorce is a process that people typically learn as they go through the process. Many people experience smooth divorces with little to no problems. But, the divorce process can be long and complicated if you make a few mistakes.

Here are some things you should avoid doing when going through a divorce:

1. Using social media without caution

You may have a social media account where you share everything that’s going on in your life with family, friends and followers. One thing you may be tempted to talk about is your divorce. Talking about divorce online could create problems. If private information is revealed on your social media account, you may end up hurting your position regarding issues of custody, property division or support.

2. Arguing with your future ex-spouse over nothing

One common way people make their divorce difficult is by arguing with their future ex pointlessly. Two of the biggest contenders that lead to arguments are asset distribution and child custody. While you should still fight for what you want or need during a divorce, choose your battles carefully. Don’t engage in pointless arguments about the past or fight over low-value things that you can easily replace.

3. Discussing your divorce with your children too soon

If you have children, you’ll eventually have to break the news about your divorce to them. You may need to consider waiting until the divorce process is underway before your children learn about the news. Otherwise, you could tell your children something that confuses them later, such as who your children will live with. Divorcing parents should have a united front where the kids are concerned.

4. Dating before your divorce is finalized 

Many people start new relationships before their divorce is finalized. Dating during a divorce may be seen as adultery. Adultery may cause you an unfavorable outcome during your divorce and you may not get the assets or parental rights that you deserve.

You may need to learn your legal rights during a divorce to help ensure you start your new life on the right footing.