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3 child support mistakes to avoid

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Child Custody & Support |

Child support helps you to meet the needs of your kids after a divorce. After the court orders you to pay child support, the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) will provide you with services to make payments without difficulties and on time.

Thus, the department provides solutions that can save you from costly mistakes, including:

Paying late

When the court orders you to pay child support, it will state the amount and the payment date. It will be best to observe this order. You should develop a plan that helps you have the required amount on time. You can save a certain amount weekly or can choose to transfer the whole amount from your income before doing anything else. You have to be disciplined with the plan you select. This will ensure you are never late with payments.

Paying child support late will affect your child significantly, as some of their needs may not be met. The custodial parent may have to make changes since they won’t have enough money to meet all needs.

Not paying

Paying late is usually the preceding stage of stopping payments altogether. In addition to affecting your child, not paying child support can threaten your parental rights – the other parent may file for sole custody. Further, you may lose your driving privileges and could even be arrested.

Not requesting a modification

If you can’t fulfill the existing child support arrangement, it will help to request a modification. The court can reduce the amount, saving you from getting into debt. Not requesting a modification, or at least sooner, is a costly mistake.

These child support mistakes can affect you and your kid (s) considerably. It will help to get legal assistance to protect your parental rights.