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How to secure your digital life after divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2022 | Divorce & Family Law |

After divorce, you may leave behind a digital footprint that lets your ex follow your every movement. For some people, having their ex follow them on social media, comment on posts or use their streaming account doesn’t bother them – but it may bother you.

You should feel safe knowing you have many methods to secure your online presence from your ex. Here’s what you should consider doing:

Change your passwords

Passwords for online accounts are frequently shared among couples. Oftentimes, couples share passwords so their other half can watch movies or shows without having to buy a new account. In some cases, couples share joint accounts to manage savings, utility bills or loan payments.

If you believe your ex-spouse has access to any of your online accounts, or you use the same password for several accounts – leaving the digital door open for your ex – then you may consider changing your password. Many companies provide complicated auto-generated passwords for users, which may be the best bet to protect your digital life. You may consider changing all your passwords for extra security.

Enable two-factor authentication

In most cases, people have one or two passwords they use for everything. Over the past couple of years, companies have started rolling out two-factor authentication for digital accounts

Two-factor authentication is essentially a second wall of security. In most cases, when you try logging into an account, you’ll receive an email or text to ensure the right person is accessing your account. As a result, ex-spouses who are trying to access your accounts won’t have much luck without getting the two-factor authentication code.

When seeking a divorce, you may need to consider how your life will change and make plans for the future. Experienced legal guidance can help you get through this time.