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2 reasons military couples divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2022 | Military Family Law |

Being in the military is not only difficult on the mind and body but also marriages. While the military can be hard and even cause life-long difficulties, spouses married to someone in the military may face difficulties of their own

Many military couples end up divorcing for a few common reasons. Here’s what you should know:

Long deployments and separations

Couples may find it difficult to start and stop a relationship when a spouse is deployed. Some couples have difficulty after spending a few days apart, but a spouse in the military may be deployed for weeks, months or even a year without much communication. Spouses that spend even a little time apart may find their marriage has difficulty lasting. It’s hard not to live separate lives when you’re already living apart.

Constantly starting over in new locations

A military career isn’t always stable. Soldiers may have to uproot their families and move to training grounds, bases or overseas posts. While this is the role a soldier agreed to, their spouse’s dreams may not be fully compatible with the lifestyle – and unfulfilled expectations can cause a rift in the marriage.

Having to move because a spouse is deployed or has to stay at a military base can cause many difficulties. A spouse who isn’t in the military may have to move away from friends and family, lose their job and leave behind precious possessions. Moving can be especially hard for a spouse who wants to settle down, buy a home and start a family — without all the disruptions.

If you find that military life with your spouse isn’t for you, you may need to explore your legal options. That’s the best way to protect your future.