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Thinking about divorce? Here’s where to start

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2023 | Divorce & Family Law |

It’s hard to walk around the house and keep to your routine when your heart is no longer in your marriage – but you don’t want to handle your breakup in a rush. The choices you make today can have a big impact on your life in the future.

Before you announce your intentions to end the relationship, there are a few self-protective measures that you should take (no matter how amicable you hope the divorce may be).

Divert your correspondence

Once your divorce begins, you’ll need the ability to conduct your business in confidence – and you can’t do that if your spouse has access to your mail and emails. Open a new email account that your spouse doesn’t know about for your divorce correspondence, and make sure it’s password protected.

Consider diverting your traditional mail to a relative’s house or a post office box. This will help you keep your financial documents and other important information away from your spouse.

Open your own bank accounts

A huge part of divorce is separating your financials from your spouse’s. If you’ve always had a joint account, opening a new checking account in your own name is wise. A separate account will help you establish new financial boundaries with your spouse and protect the funds you need.

A new savings account, too, is important. There’s no question that divorce can put a financial strain on both parties, and you’re going to need some spare funds to kick-start your post-divorce life.

Organize all of the household financial records

The more organized you are in this area, the easier the divorce process can be. Get copies of all your household financial records, such as tax records, pay records, investment statements and credit card bills so that you can size up your marital assets and debts.

Sometimes, it’s fairly easy to see what you have to split and how to do it, but you may want to consider talking to a financial advisor if you and your spouse have complex holdings. Ultimately, it’s always wisest to seek experienced legal guidance as soon as you’ve made up your mind to divorce. That’s the best way to protect your interests.