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How much child support must be paid after a military divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2023 | Military Family Law |

Finding a special person to spend the rest of your days with is one of the greatest experiences in life. Unfortunately, not all marriages stand the test of time. The consequences of divorce are painful for anyone, but certain considerations take precedence when the couple, or at least one of the two, is in the military, especially when it comes to child support.

So, how is child support calculated in a military divorce? 

The custody arrangements

In military divorces, custody of children is granted by the state where the divorce is processed. Arizona military personnel going through a divorce may have difficulty with shared custody of a child due to their military duties, and the odds are high that their co-parent may have the child more.

Child support is partially affected by the custody arrangements. The less parenting time a parent has, the more support they will likely pay.

The child’s financial needs

The amount of child support military personnel will be ordered to pay after a divorce is usually determined by considering the financial needs of the child first. These needs normally have to do with food, housing, clothing and schooling. However, special needs such as disabilities will mean that additional expenses have to be addressed.

Both parent’s income

Once the child’s financial needs have been established, each parent’s financial status has to be considered as well. After all, it would not make sense to order a member of the military to pay more than he or she is able to do so.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to say what a service member’s pay is. There are special types of allowances that must be taken into account such as military provided-housing and non-cash payments. Those may factor into the court’s decisions.

A military divorce is often not as straightforward as a civilian one since there are unique issues to be considered. Getting to know what to expect when it comes to child support after a military divorce can help you prepare adequately for it.