Appeals to the Arkansas Supreme Court & Arkansas Court of Appeals

Even the best judges in Arkansas make decisions that clients believe are not correct or fair. For this reason, the state has a Court of Appeals and Supreme Court ready to review disputed courtroom decisions. Attorney Scott A. Scholl has helped many clients statewide pursue their beliefs that a judge or jury rendered decision about their case should be appealed.

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The Scholl Law Firm, P.L.L.C., has defended client rights in many cases where clients decided to file appeals following court rulings that were not in their favor. Appeals are technical and not simply a new trial. The process can quickly become very complex, as evidence and other case documentation is examined. The appeals process has its own set of rules, and attorneys must have special legal skills to use during this process. Quite frankly, not even the best judge rules accurately in every decision and mistakes are made occasionally.

The appeals process offers clients an opportunity to have their case reviewed by a higher court. The decision for making an appeal varies, including a belief that a judge was biased, evidence was improperly considered, that applicable laws were misapplied or for other reasons. A case that goes through this process could have several outcomes:

  • Affirmed – the higher court agrees with previous lower court decision
  • Reversed – reviewing court disagrees with earlier decision and overturns it
  • Remanded – higher court sends the case back to the lower court again for possible modification

Arkansas Appeals Attorney

In his work as an Arkansas Appeals Attorney, Scott A. Scholl serves clients from across the state from his law offices in North Little Rock and Conway, AR. He welcomes a challenge and is very adept at presenting case details to help win appeals following a disputed court judgment. His personal experience serving in the military is very valuable when he represents local military clients, because he understands the many stresses military life and deployment puts upon families.

Contact Attorney Scott A. Scholl today to discuss legal options when you disagree with a lower court decision about your case. Call The Scholl Law Firm, P.L.L.C. now, at (501) 588-3356.

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